A Rose by any Other Name

Forbes estimates that within California, legal marijuana sales have brought in around 2.7 billion dollars annually. That was not a typo, billion with a B. That means millions in revenue for both schooling and rehabilitation – both provisions when recreational weed was voted on in November of 2016.

San Diego has an active marijuana business; even after most of East county banned the sale of marijuana, and Spring Valley shut down over 14 shops operating illegally. Growing pains being endemic to the process of decriminalization.

When we talk about this formally illicit substance many individuals craft a sinister idea of cartels and drug dealers. This could not be further from the truth. Legislation has been the backbone of this movement.

The City is fighting hard to localize the production of cannabis for San Diego county. Over 24 businesses received hearing dates in October to become the first legal growers in the county. This means that San Diegans will primarily smoke what is grown in San Diego.

Not only will this increase the amount of tax revenue that is received, it will also make nefarious and or illegal tampering much harder. San Diego, like all of America, is happy to welcome more jobs and to dissuade crime. This legislation does both.

Though Marijuana may be a sore subject for many people, it is important to realize it is here to stay. Only 15 states remain that have not legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use. Whether or not you agree with the majority of the United States, we can agree that the revenue and jobs it brings into the US are a positive for our communities, and hopefully a detriment to illegal producers.


Photo by Ivan Jevtic

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