California’s Ever Increasing Budget

Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed the latest budget for California, citing the largest surplus in state history. The newly elected governor has heavily increased his budget by $4.5 billion, reaching an untenable $214 billion. Democratic leaders have praised the governor’s decision, and are continuing to work to increase the budget even further.

These extreme budget increases will cause many problems in California. Taxes and costs of living will increase tremendously, with Californians already struggling in a state that is next to impossible to live in. Residents will surely continue to leave the state in favor of cheaper and more livable states such as Texas and Florida, both of which have no state income tax unlike California.

Republicans are tirelessly challenging this absurd budget, where there is still an unclear path regarding how the appropriated funds will be used. Some speculate that the money may even go towards the governor’s proposed bullet train, which is bound to cost way more than the state can afford, as was the case with the failed high-speed rail experiment. The budget would also go to Medi-Cal subsidies and income tax credits, which could rack up to a total of $670 million.

Democratic Senate Leader Toni Atkins said, “The Senate’s proposed budget is bold and responsible. At a time when the federal government is moving backward, we are moving our state forward and lifting Californians up.”

When will Senate leaders understand that Californians cannot continue to pay these extraordinarily unreasonable prices, which increase frequently. Republicans will continue to fight on behalf of hard-working Californians and against the careless spending of Democratic leaders.


Photo by Colin Watts