Carl DeMaio Fights to Oppose Gavin Newsom’s Water Tax

Carl DeMaio, who last year worked to oppose the gas tax in California, has now taken up the fight against Gavin Newsom’s proposed water tax.

DeMaio shared an Anti-Water Tax petition to his Facebook page. The petition site reads, “Despite California’s cost of living is unsustainable, Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to add yet ANOTHER tax — this time on your water. Between the gas tax, a car tax, and even a tax on text messages (which thankfully we killed), Gavin Newsom and Sacramento politicians are coming right for your wallet. Fortunately, Carl DeMaio and Reform California have launched a campaign to stop the Water Tax.”

Last year, DeMaio led a big push to repeal the gas tax. Because of his efforts, “more than one-fifth of the 963,907 signatures,” came from San Diego and “more donations came from San Diego than any other city, an inewsource analysis found,” KPBS reported.

After election night, Demaio discussed his thoughts about why the measure failed. One possibility was the way it was worded on the ballot. Rather than being straightforward, Secretary of State Alex Padilla played politics and tricked Californians by writing it to sound like repealing the measure would be bad for infrastructure, rather than good for wallets. According to the Times of San Diego, “Demaio wanted it to say: “Gas Tax Repeal Initiative,” the way it was circulated for petition signatures. Instead, the measure was titled “Prop 6: Eliminates Certain Road Repair and Transportation Funding.”

Though he raised more than any other city in California, it seems the opposition was better funded. In the same Times article, DeMaio said, “‘We were outspent 20-to-1.’”

Now, DeMaio has taken up a new cause – stopping Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed Water Tax. He is currently asking for signatures and donations.

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