Gas: A People’s Tax

We all remember the yellow and blue “Yes on Prop 6” signs in every neighborhood across California. The big San Diego connection being that Carl DeMaio, a local conservative activist, lead the push.

His website stated the terrible numeric fact that, for the average family of four, the new tax would cost an additional seven hundred and seventy-nine dollars. This added to the fact that California has the highest state income tax, at around thirteen percent.

So why bring this up? Well, San Diego county is now at its highest gas price since November, at an average of three dollars and fifty-nine cents. The price having gone up seventeen of the past eighteen days. There are less frightening billboards for horror movies.

This is not because of the gas tax, but the gas tax is important. For our lowest income families across San Diego county, working class Americans, these hikes are untenable. The gas tax not only brought up the cost of gasoline, but it also sent a strong message to legislators in Sacramento.

Where are the massive road repairs as was promised with the addition of this tax? Taxes, with a few exceptions, hurt all of us. Gasoline is a need. Hopefully this hike will stop, and legislators will realize their efforts would be better focused away from the price of gasoline.

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