Gun Show Policy Ban

SAN DIEGO, CA– A bill that is set to end the sale of firearms at gun shows on the fairgrounds here in San Diego is taking us one step closer to unwarranted gun control.

The intent is to make it more difficult for gun and ammunition distributors to sell to buyers who attend the show on state grounds. A move that takes us closer to an overall gun show ban for the citizens of San Diego and California as a whole. As featured in ABC 10 News San Diego, “By banning gun shows, Mr. Gloria is trying to take away a place where law-abiding gun owners gather and exchange ideas, plan politics, learn the law and discover the joys of shooting sports and the social benefits of firearms owned for self-defense,” says Chuck Michel, president of the California Rifle and Pistol Association.

This move has come months after a U.S. District Court based in San Diego ruled that California’s restriction of high capacity magazines was unconstitutional. Democrats are now planning to appeal to a higher court for a political win instead of doing what is in the interest of the public.

It is a slippery slope banning the sale of guns and ammunition at gun shows because the likely next move would be to restrict the sale of most firearms and ammunition, whether at a gun show or not. The Democrats’ desperate gun control efforts seek to take away the constitutional rights of American citizens under the guise of gun safety.


Photo by Will Porada

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