Kevin Beiser Returns to School District

In April, Kevin Beiser made his return to the San Diego Unified School Board. Beiser has still refused to resign from his position as trustee for the school board denying all allegations made against him.

In his first meeting back he made no comments regarding the accusations. He has only spoken once since, mentioning how schools from his subdistrict had won a districtwide recycling contest. Beiser had previously released a statement where he affirmed his innocence. He also ensured that he would have the best defense against these allegations. Beiser promised that all of the claims were politically motivated despite the credibility of the allegations presented by the victims.

Another Board Trustee, John Evans, made a statement as he sat next to Beiser at Tuesday’s meeting saying, “As you can tell, five board members are present at this meeting. You may recall the Board of Education passed a resolution two weeks ago calling for the immediate resignation of Kevin Beiser. That resolution still stands, [we] don’t want anybody to be confused about that. We have had no communication with Mr. Beiser since that time and Mr. Beiser has arrived on his own for this meeting.” This confirmed that the board has no intention of keeping Beiser in his position and still wants him to relinquish his position.

Both political parties have made requests for Beiser to resign along with the San Diego Education Association, the district’s teachers union, and a group of high up LGBTQ leaders and elected officials.

Beiser has made it clear by attending the meeting that he has no intention of stepping down. The only information is given about whether or not Beiser plans on resigning came from his roommate, Patrick Ambrosio. Ambrosio said, “I don’t have the exact date he will be making his formal announcements, but he will be making an announcement soon.”

Beiser should comply and resign not only because of the board’s push but also with respect to the victims in order to not revictimize them. Beiser may only be under allegation, but they are serious ones that should be handled in his own time in which he does not have an entire school district to attend too.


Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli