Kevin Beiser was too Busy Politicking to be There for his Students

Middle school teacher and San Diego School District B President, Kevin Beiser, prioritized politics over teaching his class.

If the kids of Castle Park Middle School are looking for their teacher, point them to the nearest political event. Beiser’s behavior proves he believes politics should come first. Beiser, who has missed enough school to be considered chronically absent by the National Council on Teacher Quality standards, makes a special effort to be seen.

Though the math teacher seems to have trouble calculating the acceptable number of days missed, others are keeping track. According to an interview on Voice of San Diego, “One thing about Beiser is sure: He’s visible. At parades, ceremonies, school meetings he’s rubbing elbows with community members – the guy, it seems, is everywhere,” except in class. Beiser missed, on average, four weeks of school per year for years. Which is enough to be considered chronically absent by the National Council on Teacher Quality.

San Diego Unified Trustee and former colleague of Kevin Beiser,  Scott Barnet, spoke to the Voice of San Diego about his thoughts on Beiser’s behavior, “This guy goes to more parades and ribbon-cutting ceremonies than any other politician I’ve ever met. He’s more interested in improving his image than he is in helping us make the tough decisions that improve the district.”

Whether or not Beiser cares about his students, It’s clear that his priority is politics.


Photo by Alexis Brown

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