LaCava is Forced to Comment on his Anti-Police Rhetoric

Joe LaCava spoke less than favorably about the San Diego Police Department at a recent community event, as detailed post on SD Rostra. LaCava said the San Diego Police “don’t do enough for the community” and “focus too much” on crime.

The post clearly upset LaCava, as he was forced to respond to the original post with a page-long statement in which he reiterates his desire to change the way the SDPD conducts its business.

Rather than refute what was written on Rostra, LaCava says he does in fact want the police to focus more of their efforts on the 1960s tactic of community policing – which would be far less effective.

He writes, “While we have 200 vacant budgeted positions in SDPD, we are arguably another 200 positions short of the staffing needed to fully implement Community Oriented Policing across our city,” So why, then is this strategy something he believes the police need to return to?

Joe LaCava announced his bid for City Council less than a month ago and is already off to a bad start.

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