Maienschein Continues to Make Poor Decisions

On May 29, Assemblyman Brian Maienschein voted to abstain from Assembly Bill 1092. This came after his two committee votes in favor of the bill. The legislation allows parents to avoid paying interest on child support payments that they have failed or refused to pay.

The left continues to say that they are on the side of the people, but their actions seem to show otherwise. This bill hurts already disadvantaged children and their single parents, whom we should be seeking to help.

Democrats took an overwhelming stance on the side of deadbeat parents this week. Democrats have constantly fought for an even more bloated and inefficient government to “help” the children, but have now written a law that in fact hurts children.

Our children deserve the best chance for success in this world, and they are the future of our country. Parents play a vital role that simply can’t be overstated, while this bill essentially targets single parents already struggling to provide for their children.

When does the hypocrisy of Democrats stop?

Maienschein and his fellow Democrats took a stance with their vote on AB 1092, one that is against single parents and their children. We as a society have come to accept that our children deserve the best chance for a better future, but the left has yet again taken steps to impede these efforts.

Republicans in the California Assembly overwhelmingly voted against the bill, joined by just a handful of Democrats. They sided with the children and recognized the importance of child support for both the children and their parents.


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