Mike Levin : Abolish Ice

In March, Mike Levin supported Councilwoman Corinna Contreras call for the abolishment of ICE. At his swearing in ceremony the councilwoman was very adamant of how ICE as an organization needs to be shut down. She stated, “I know I speak for Mike Levin and myself when I say that ICE needs to end, our Neighbors and Friends shouldn’t live with ICE over their heads.” Councilwoman Corinna Contreras with the support of Mike Levin wants to abolish ICE.

Our Immigration Customs Enforcement  (ICE) helps to arrest individuals breaking the law in the country following our countries immigration laws.  ICE’s primary goal is to protect our citizens from criminal aliens and enforce our countries immigration policy. ICE as an agency has arrested over 100,000 Criminal Aliens with both criminal convictions or pending criminal charges. There is no reason to be against ICE unless you are breaking the law.

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