Mike Levin’s Love Affair with the GREEN NEW DEAL

San Diego- Mike Levin was sworn in over the weekend in Solana Beach with his family, who arrived half an hour late.

Elected officials spoke on behalf of the congressman about what he wants for the future of our country and community. They focused mainly on voicing support for programs to combat climate change.

Through the voice of Councilwoman Corinna Contreras, the congressman called for the abolishment of ICE and the defunding of the border wall proposed by Donald Trump. She stated those in their communities and neighbors shouldn’t live with ICE over their heads.

Congressman Mike Levin recently backed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, and was very happy to announce this at the swearing in ceremony.

To defend his backing of the Green New Deal, he addressed the Republicans’ rebuttal as “fake numbers” and “non-science”, but did not provide any examples to back his claims.

To end the swearing in, Mike Levin said, in order to make things work in Washington, they must be bipartisan when it comes to addressing climate change. This call for decency came after his speakers called Republicans “the scourge towards progress.”


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