Peter Kuo, Vice Chairman of the California Republican Party

From the humblest beginnings as a busboy in a Chinese restaurant, to now getting elected to be the Vice Chairman of the California Republican Party, Peter Kuo tops just about any rags-to-riches story.

Kuo and his parents immigrated from Taiwan to the US in 1982 with few means but high hopes for their future in America. He learned English by watching “Three’s Company,” started working at an insurance agency— and ended up founding his own business in Silicon Valley. Today, he’s not only an immensely successful businessman, but he also has been dedicating his life to public service, whether that’s through his position as President of the Rotary Club of Hua Ren in Silicon Valley, or through running for government positions.

Kuo is passionate about issues that are at the very core of the Republican Party: security, fiscal balance and immigration; he brings common sense solutions to the table. “We need all hands on deck to take California back…The roadmap is not elusive, we must make the commitment to put in the hard work to start winning elections again,” he said in his campaign platform. With his strong convictions and extensive experience, Kuo is a promising new face in the party leadership, and we are proud to call him our new vice chair.


Photo by Joshua Hoehne

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