San Diego: America’s Proving Ground

San Diego California is the 8th biggest city in the United States. Our growth could be attributed to many factors, but one stands out among. I am of course speaking of our military.

It is said that if you join the armed forces, no matter the branch, at some point you will set foot in San Diego. Not only do we have a vast military community, but those trained and stationed here are among the best.

This was evidenced by Presidents Trump’s decision to take a Former Camp Pendalton Commander and vett him to be the next Marine Corps Commandant.

What this means is that Lieutenant General David H. Berger will soon be eligible for a fourth star, and with the star he will have the honor of sitting among the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He will hold the highest position in the Marine Corps, and he will do so having been tested by the finest city in the United States, San Diego.

This process is a long one, and will involve a confirmation by the Senate, and a subsequent 4 year term of office.

The tradition goes back to 1783, and the appointment was given by the Second Continental Congress. Though we have come a long way, it is still no less an honor to be selected. If appointed, he will be the 38th, making this group more selective than the United States Presidency.

Regardless of the outcome, all San Diegans can be proud of the fact that one of our own was selected for consideration. As a military city many people pass through our borders. Each one receives something from their time here, and in turn becomes a part of the San Diego family.

Thank you Lieutenant General David H. Berger for your service.

San Diego wishes you the best of luck.


Photo by Ernest Karchmit