San Diego Unemployment Rate Continues to Fall

Nationally, the rate of unemployment has drastically decreased, with San Diego also experiencing this trend. In March 2018, 3.6% of the population in San Diego was unemployed. As of May 2019, unemployment has decreased precipitously to 3.1%.

The nonfarm industries in San Diego County have gained approximately 8,000 jobs overall. The farm industry has added 300 jobs, increasing from 8,700 to 9,000 jobs. Construction industries gained unprecedented 2,200 jobs; among the largest job increase of any industry.

On Friday, The California Employment and Development Department reported employment increases of an additional 7,600 jobs in the educational health services. The mining and logging industries remained largely unaffected by the county-wide increase in employment and retain a steady balance of gains and losses. In total, there was an increase from 1,492,600 to 1,500,400 jobs in San Diego.

San Diego, under Republican leadership, has seen positive growth in our economy and is a shining example for the rest of the state. This is despite the poor management and poor fiscal responsibility of state funds coming from Democratic leadership in Sacramento.

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