San Diego’s City Council Prefers Unions over the Voters 

San Diego- Former City Councilman Carl DeMaio joined by Councilman Scott Sherman, held a press conference outside of City Hall on May 30. The conference was to address that on June 10, the San Diego City Council will meet behind closed doors to consider an outrageous proposal by the city government union bosses.

DeMaio went on to discuss how in the previous pension reform vote, 65 percent of voters believed that the previously bloated and unsustainable pension was unacceptable and wanted to move to a 401k retirement account. Now seven years later, we have over 4,000 city employees that have received individual 401k accounts.

Giving someone a 401k account is a far better solution than an outrageous and unsustainable pension system that unfairly burdens taxpayers. A common argument in favor of pensions is that they attract better workers, but Councilman Sherman pointed this out as a fallacy.

In a new generation of workers looking to keep moving on with their careers and millennials changing jobs every six years on average, it makes more sense to go with the 401k that can be rolled over to another profession, than a pension that locks that individual into their job for years if not decades.

Only two Councilmen, Scott Sherman, and Chris Cate have shown their support for putting the voters before unions.

Councilman Scott Sherman stated, “In 2012, voters overwhelmingly sent a clear message to elected officials that it was time to finally fix San Diego’s broken pension system that nearly bankrupted our city. Despite what powerful special interests at City Hall say, this clear mandate delivered in 2012 does not fade with time. In fact, as the poll indicates, this reform only grows stronger.”

Councilman Scott Sherman has shown his ability to articulately voice his opinions, but at the end of the day he follows the voice of the voters, even for policies he campaigned against. This is because Sherman believes that the voter’s voice matters over anyone else because it’s the voters who put you in that position. He even referred to the voters as his “boss.”

The job of our elected officials is to do what is best for their constituents, not to give into the demands of corrupt union bosses. This is especially true when the demands put our city in a situation of a fiscal crisis that we already fixed years ago.


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