The Frivolity of Lorena Gonzalez

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher has become notorious for proposing bills in Sacramento that would cause major changes in San Diego.

She has announced her candidacy for the 2022 race for California Secretary of State. Gonzalez was first elected to the state Assembly in a special election in 2013. She represents the 80th District, which stretches from central San Diego to the Mexican border.

In her career, we have seen the constant call for progressive change, yet she proposes bills of retrogressive measures. One infamous bill called for the Airport Authority to once again go under the umbrella of the Port Authority here in San Diego. A practice that hasn’t been done since 2003.

The airport has about a $250 million annual budget, which would head back to port control, which would cause for more federal oversight to make sure the Airport receives the funding it needs, and more bureaucratic red tape for the Airport to go through when seeking to secure funds for their everyday practices.

Gonzalez Fletcher, a previous union representative, has constantly tried to pass legislation to give more power to the already iniquitous unions here in California. She even called for legislative employees to be able to form a union to give them more power in the Capital.

Gonzalez Fletcher wants power given to groups such as unions instead of directly to the citizens of California. Instead of working to change the “toxic” culture she talks of in the Capital, she just tries to use band-aid fixes.

As Assemblywoman, she was also called out by citizens of Irvine in 2015 for delaying and discrediting an audit that was directed at the vendors in Irvine, one of which was Gafcon, Inc. Who was a contributor to her campaign?

This caused Orange County Assemblyman Don Wagner (who represents part of Irvine as part of the 68th Assembly District) to issue his own letter to Assemblywoman Gonzalez asking her to wait until the Irvine auditors have completed their work.

She has fought corruption in San Diego towards Superintendents and School Board Members in an effort to stop the solicitation of contributions to their campaigns. But she didn’t play by the same rules of transparency.

As a leader, you shouldn’t call for one thing and do another, yet this has been the practice of Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher.


Photo by Jp Valery

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