Tony Krvaric

Tony Krvaric, an inspired immigrant, has shown the American dream is possible as head of the San Diego Republican Party. In 2007, Tony was elected Chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego County. With him as the leader, the Republican Party has grown to an unprecedented level. He has worked tireless hours to put Republican ideas into action by supporting and electing Republican candidates to office.

Tony as Chairman has raised the largest amount in party history at $3.5 million dollars in one cycle and has grown the county party to where it is today. The San Diego Republican Party is one of the largest Republican county party in the nation.

With raising the most money out of any other chairman, he has helped give the best chance to having republican ideals represented.

Recently, some have shared their displeasure with how the party lost seats in the last election, putting the blame on Chairman Krvaric himself. But this is misplaced blame.

The Census Bureau data show California lost just over 138,000 people to domestic migration in the 12 months ended in July 2017. Lower-cost states and more conservative states, such as Arizona, Texas, and Nevada are popular destinations for relocating Californians.

This relocation causes the conservative citizens of California to seek lives elsewhere, taking with them their conservative votes, which further empowers the left. This is seen throughout the country. Arizona has recently turned to a purple state with Texas likely to follow soon after.

The Texas senatorial election showed how much harder it is getting to keep conservative ideals in office. With Ted Cruz only beating Beto O’Rourke by less than three percentage points, this is the closest the Democrats have come to winning a senatorial election in Texas in 40 years.

Some elected Republicans in California are looking for a person to point their finger at for the reason of their loss, but the answer is simple: they ran a campaign in a Blue State. Chairman Krvaric has done a job giving campaigns the resources they need to win an election, but ultimately it is up to the campaign to win.

Croatian by blood, Swedish by birth, American by choice

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