A Modern Look at Naval Initiatives

The modern American military is in a constant state of adaption that demands a great deal of understanding when dealing with our branches and different units. The most recent and prevalent change within southern California comes from our navy and its new recognition of modern priorities to maintain our global power in the largest theater on Earth, the sea.

The change comes in the form of a changing name for one of the most vital naval commands, formerly known as the “Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command,” a re-branding has shown a more big tent ideal that indicates the further familiarity with a future in space and its usefulness in global information gathering. The command has switched over to Naval Information Warfare Systems NAVWARSYSCOM, implying further implied integration of aerospace and naval initiatives that will ensure dominance from the United States abroad.

The reason for the change was then elaborated on in a statement from Commander Rear Admiral Christian Becker when he said, “In this era of great power, competition, information is a fundamental element of warfare, an essential concept of the Navy’s strategy, and a warfare area that transcends the traditional domains of air, sea, land, and space.”

The President has voiced similar pushes for a significant degree of integration between aerospace innovation and military enhancement in his talks of a potential “Space Force” and what that could potentially do for the security of our nation. Overall, this shift in narrative has demonstrated a more modern outlook as the United States increasingly looks for more effective ways to ensure not only a secure homeland but also that the U.S. stays the front in global dominance.


Photo by Josh Esh