Crisis at the Southern Border

After constant debate about the urgency of the southern border crisis, it has finally become clear that the southern border must be addressed. Republicans have been fighting for this issue for years. However, utilizing mediums such as The Washington Post and The New York Times, Democrats have managed to invalidate any idea that the border is in crisis.

They have advocated for demolishing any existing fence along the southern border, abolishing ICE, and reflexively opposing any policies that President Trump has proposed. Furthermore, within the articles, Trump was accused of spinning facts in his favor and exaggerating the current situation on the border. Lastly, senators including Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris have contributed their opinions about the supposed myth of a border crisis.

The rejection of the crisis finally has become obviously asinine, with border apprehensions reaching a staggering 675,000. Likewise, it caused The Washington Post to post the 17 percent increase among Democratic voters in recognizing the current border crisis. Also, The New York Times implored Congress to fulfill Trump’s monetary request to secure the border, which was a very surprising position for the newspaper to take.

The shift within formerly border crisis rejectionists on the left is another point of interest. Former Vice President Joe Biden changed his original view to advocating for putting employers in jail for hiring illegal immigrants, while also supporting the utilization of a fence to stop drugs from crossing the Mexican border.

Senator Bernie Sanders called hiring illegal immigrants a crime and accentuated the adverse effects it would have on the country. Lastly, Senator Diane Feinstein highlighted how the only people that should be allowed to remain in the United States are those who arrived legally.

As apprehensions continue to rise, Democrats are starting to elevate their advocacy for change on the border. They still oppose all of Trump’s policies regarding immigration and any action he wants to take to fix the current situation. For example, Trump has called on Congress to fix loopholes and asked for money to address the humanitarian crisis.

There is no question that the border has been an issue for years, which the Republicans have maintained all along. Finally, some Democrats have come to realize the severity of the crisis.


Photo by Markus Spiske