International USD Graduate Degree Program

The realm of education has taken significant strides in terms of graduate degrees. The University of San Diego’s School of Business is now partnering with Centro de Ensenanza Tecnica Y Superior (CETYS), a Mexican institution founded in 1961, to create a graduate program outside of the United States. Graduate students from CETYS can obtain a USD Master of Science in Global Leadership along with their MBA. The courses will be accessible to CETYS students in July of this year.

The President of USD, James T. Harris III, highlighted how the economic and social integration of the U.S.-Mexico border is crucial in gaining a stronger cross-border perspective. Based on the success of previous collaborations on assignments and projects, Harris is excited to launch the graduate degree program. The dual degree program will allow for the globalization of USD’s educational enterprises.

Likewise, the president of CETYS, Dr. Fernando Leon Garcia, is just as excited for the program. He recognizes how the program will foster the new generation of leaders in the Cali-Baja region and how it will bolster the global competitiveness of CETYS. The partnership between the universities will allow for a well-rounded learning experience and many opportunities for students outside of the United States.

Photo by Phil Konstantin via Flickr