Labor Unions Bully their Policy into Law

San Diego- Local labor unions have set out to end the six year understanding of Proposition B, a measure that cut pensions for most of the city’s employees. The Proposition was fought in court, reaching the California Supreme Court, and it ultimately won.

Now six years later, the labor unions are here and have pushed their political agenda along no matter the impact. They have now stated that they didn’t receive a clear ruling in court and now seek to change the law.

As reported by the Voice of San Diego, Ken Lounsbery, the lead attorney defending Prop B, stated that “it’s a steep argument, and one we finally welcome.”

Since 2012, most city employees have been receiving 401k style retirement accounts, with no pension guarantees. The reason for this was to combat the fiscal crisis we were facing six years ago. Now, with pensions being owed and no ability to pay them out, the labor unions want to put us back in the same situation.

The San Diego City Council, with the exception of three members, has shown willingness to give in to the demands of the labor unions. They have put politics before the people yet again by voting 6-3 against Prop B. Councilmen Scott Sherman, Chris Cate, and Mark Kearsey have separated themselves from the other council members, showing their support by placing the voters and fiscal needs of San Diego before the unions. The city of San Diego can’t back down to corrupt union bullies, and the City Council must realize the importance of fiscal responsibility before we are under the same financial duress that we were years ago.