Recognition of the San Diego Naval Base

The Chief of Naval Operations recognized the Naval Base of San Diego for proficiency in safety excellence with the service’s 2018 Safety Shore Award. The award recognizes a specific military station for its commitment to the Navy’s overall safety program.

According to Scott Poston, the director of the base’s occupational safety and health installation program, the Naval Base of San Diego was a crucial component to the service winning the award. The base utilized very interactive and successful tactics to eliminate risks and improve upon any safety mishaps.

Furthermore, the extensive training that was given to the base personnel furthered the strong commitment to safety excellence. Lastly, the base’s ability to be flexible and adhere to the safety programs was another aspect of the service’s recognition.

Individually, the Naval Base of San Diego safety team performed 350 occupational safety and health inspections, weekly zone inspections, and unsafe/unhealthy reports annually during the 2018 fiscal year. Lastly, personnel sent in 3,614 safety-related topics by emails and calls, further demonstrating the desire to promote a safe work environment on the naval base. There is no question that the Naval Base of San Diego is dedicated to a safe and efficient atmosphere.


Photo by Josh Esh