San Diego Gas Prices Decline

In the last month, San Diego gas prices have decreased. The average price dropped 23 cents over the past month, according to AAA.

San Diego just last year for the 2018 ballot fought for lower gas prices with Carl DeMaio leading the charge with the “Yes on 6” campaign to overturn the gas tax. After a hard fought battle they won in San Diego County, which has helped keep our gas price average lower than the rest of the state.

The ballot on the state level was lost, and the gas tax remained for the state, causing our situation of our State having one of the highest gas price average in the country. With our state already having one of the highest cost of living, this tax, and the coinciding gas price adds to the struggles of Californian citizens.

With having a car being essential to living in San Diego and California in general, how can it be acceptable to tax this necessity? The gas tax has shown with recent gas prices statewide to be a tax that has hurt the pockets of citizens, and in San Diego where they won the fight against the gas tax, we see a small change with lower prices.


Photo by Jonathan Petersson