The San Diego Promise Program

June 28 is the last day for local students to enroll in the San Diego Promise program. Tuition-free study in the San Diego Community College District (City College, Mesa College or Miramar College) is available in the form of tuition and textbook grants for two years. After earning an Associate’s degree, students can transfer to a four-year university to complete their Bachelor’s degree.

The San Diego Promise began in 2016 because “nearly 7 in 10 District students are working to support themselves or their family while going to school.” After Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 19 in October 2017, the California College Promise, a one-year program for full-time community college students, the expansion of the San Diego Promise was able to include more than 1,700 students.

Now, through state funds and other donations, over $1 million is dedicated to helping students from almost 200 high schools in California pursue higher education without financial burdens.

With specialized counseling, guided pathways, transition programs, and workshop opportunities, community college through the San Diego Promise is a practical way to jumpstart workforce training and higher education. By going to, students can begin their application.


Photo by Annie Spratt