Supervisors Gaspar and Fletcher are Battling it Out

San Diego County Supervisors Kristin Gaspar and Nathan Fletcher of the county have been duking it out over the improvement of mental health services. Both claim responsibility for the success of a regional behavioral health program in North County, stirring up tensions on twitter between the two politicians.

The program is a collaborative agreement between North County healthcare officials and hospitals. Over the last year, County officials have worked closely with local hospitals to develop a plan to improve behavioral health standards and practices in healthcare facilities.

Gaspar published a letter criticizing the statement provided by Fletcher and Assemblywoman Tasha Boerner Horvath on the plan. Just one day prior to the meeting to conclude the plan, Fletcher and Boerner Horvath attempted to take credit for the recent changes. Gaspar reminded the public of the fact that neither Fletcher nor Boerner Horvath were even in office a year ago. On Twitter, Fletcher attacked Gaspar, stating that “Gaspar has been more interested in standing with Donald Trump than solving our regional mental health challenges.

It’s time to get the in-patient beds back on-line. After a year of delays, denials, and ‘discussions,’ it is time to see a real plan that holds Tri-City accountable.” While the two Democrats are desperate to take credit for any potential political victory, the improvement in North County hospital procedures is what should be focused on.


Photo by Kevin Baird via Flickr