Through The Eyes Of An Outsider

Throughout my childhood and now a military career, I had the ability and privilege to live and serve in several states all over the country, all within a few decades. Each state I have lived in had substantial differences in their agriculture, social structure, and overall culture. Two of these states were North Carolina and Florida, where pro-gun rights and agriculture are a big part of their existence. Other great states I lived in were Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois, where the industrial industry is booming, sports are the way of life, and the social structure is pelted with drugs and petty crime. By this point in my life, I thought I had seen it all from being on deployment and traveling the world, until I returned back stateside and was permanently stationed in sunny San Diego, California.

San Diego has been nothing less of a culture shock to myself and many service members that also followed my path and were stationed here. Within two years of rejoining society post-deployment, my original perspectives have been redefined by the vast opportunities and avenues of this incredible southern Californian culture. With my experience of traveling the world and living in multiple states, I can confidently say that San Diego is the true melting pot of America. When matched up against the South, it arguably has more abundant agricultural venues, farmer’s markets, and family-owned stores. While also having the most diverse culture, flourishing artistic festivals, and movements, it has allowed for all walks of life to live out the coveted American Dream.

Without a doubt, San Diego has incredible attributes that I have come to love and appreciate. However, with the constant, ever-changing liberal lifestyle, it is not a surprise that it has been infiltrated by ideologies and principles that demand bigger government, higher taxes, and laws that weaken the foundations of our great republic. What I have found most concerning is the free-flowing policies regarding illegal immigration that inevitably prioritize outsiders over American citizens. Another concern I have as not only an American but an active duty service member is the gun restriction laws that attempt to take away our right to bear arms.

Our Founding Fathers, who witnessed a tremendous revolution, created what they believed was a bullet-proof guide to keep our nation and its citizens safe. It is a shame that we have given power to individuals who feel our Bill of Rights is now up for interpretation, especially with their disdain for the Second Amendment. For fear of the people uprising, new laws prohibiting the sale, use, and ability to carry firearms have come to fruition. I believe this is a clear warning sign and foreshadowing of what our future may hold if we allow our rights to be stripped away with no objection or opposition from the citizens.

Point blank, those who take an oath to protect the Constitution and welfare of Americans, but use their power to ratify unjust laws, should be marked as unfit for duty and be removed from their position. San Diego, with its massive population and size, would tower over most cities in America if not for its lack of leadership and respect for constitutional values. With improved border security, respectable gun laws, and proper government regulations in the interest of the general welfare of Americans, I believe that San Diego would be a perfect place to live.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris

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