California Mandating Background Checks for Gun Ammunition Purchases

California has recently tightened the reins around gun rights even further. California will now enforce background checks for purchases of gun ammunition, making it the first state to do so. The motive behind the law is the hope of a decline in gun violence because, according to Democratic leaders in California, gun ammunition is at the core of the problem.

Governor Gavin Newsom expressed his ardent support for the new background check requirement. He explained how guns, without ammunition, are essentially harmless. It is when ammunition is added that the gun becomes extremely dangerous and a potential threat. Likewise, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra offered his support on the matter.

Proposition 63, passed by California voters back in 2016, had its second phase go into effect July 1, leading gun owners to flock to the stores to buy gun ammunition before the new requirement was enforced. Individuals purchasing ammunition will be required to pay a $1 processing fee [to the Department of Justice] for each purchase. The “point-of-sale” background check ensures that barring any issues, such as criminal convictions or mental health warnings, buyers will be able to obtain their ammunition immediately.

Serving as yet another infringement on the Second Amendment rights of Americans, the latest regulation has caused California to be one of—if not the most—gun restrictive states. Furthermore, while ammunition may make a gun dangerous, it is bizarre to suggest that ammunition is the primary cause of gun violence. Placing fatuous restrictions on ammunition purchases will not resolve the broader issue of gun violence, but will curtail the rights of California gun owners.