Congressman Mike Levin Out of Touch with his Constituents

On Friday, Congressman Mike Levin (D-CA) called for the impeachment of President Trump. Levin is a freshman congressman who has tried unsuccessfully to join the “The Squad” (Congresswomen Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley) by co-signing on their fatuous legislation, the Green New Deal. With his latest call for impeachment, Rep. Levin has continued to follow the path of supporting useless, partisan initiatives.

Rep. Mike Levin stated, “I cannot ignore the dysfunction, corruption, and abuse of democracy that we witness every day from President Trump. We have the serious crimes revealed in the Mueller Report, including multiple cases of obstruction of justice.”

This was simply another desperate political move by Levin in an attempt to become relevant in politics. No matter how hard the congressman tries to be important, he seems to be forgotten. Instead of producing legislation to improve the lives of his constituents, he has focused on riding the coattails of The Squad.

President Trump is an image of progress and getting things done, and seems to represent everything Levin doesn’t want in office.

With 44 percent of Democrats saying that Robert Mueller’s testimony didn’t change their opinion on impeachment due to the lack of new information presented during the testimony, it’s hard to believe that’s what changed Mike Levin’s mind.

Congressman Levin calling for impeachment, much like Robert Muller’s testimony, is a political move that only restricts us from making progress. Prosperity is stifled for pointless partisan hackery, of which Levin has become quite accustomed to in his first seven months in office. Instead of working for his constituents and putting people before politics, Levin has recklessly pursued the spotlight because of his desire for power and influence.


Photo by Jonathan Simcoe