Councilmen Scott Sherman and Chris Cate Stand with the Constitution while Councilman Kersey Takes the Easy Way Out

City Councilmen Scott Sherman and Chris Cate stood by their constituents and against the latest political move by San Diego Democrats. Councilman Mark Kersey joined the Democratic squad with the City Attorney Mara Elliot and her cohorts for his most recent stance on “The Safe Storage of Firearms Ordinance.” This shows that he is no longer nonpartisan, but instead, he is in lockstep with the Democratic party.

Councilmen Scott Sherman and Chris Cate understand the difference between necessary legislation—to better the lives of the citizens in San Diego—and legislation that is wasteful and oversteps; Mark Kersey does not.

Councilmen Sherman and Cate have felt pressure from unions and PACS to betray their constituents and they have overcome those pressures by supporting the values that got them elected. They have overcome their colleague switching sides for political gain and remained vigilant in fighting adversity to ensure that San Diegans come first.

Mark Kersey already looking left

Councilman Mark Kersey understood this ordinance to be an important political win for him, so instead of defending his constituents and the values that got him elected, he decided to follow the values of the Party he once stood adamantly against.

Mark Kersey is the second North County politician in less than a year to switch political parties after winning a seat. In defending his political shift, he tweeted “I ran for office to rebuild San Diego, not localize the debate over federal and state partisan malice.” But this change seems to fit more of a personal agenda. Rather than fighting for what’s best for the citizens of San Diego, he has done what is politically expedient.

When voters make their decision at the polls, it is with the trust that the person they are electing will keep their promises made on the campaign trail. For elected officials to change the very basis on which they are elected is to betray the trust of the voter. This should be condemned by the public and combated in the next election.