USS Boxer Destroys Iranian Drone

On Thursday, an Iranian drone decided to test its luck against the United States, more specifically the USS Boxer. The San Diego-based USS Boxer houses 4,500 sailors and Marines and was deployed from San Diego on May 1.

The ship was stationed in the turbulent Strait of Hormuz when an Iranian drone came within 1,000 yards of the ship. After numerous warnings to retreat were ignored, the amphibious assault ship shot down the drone. While the specifics as to how the drone was brought down were not immediately released, it is known that the USS Boxer is equipped with an array of weapons such as anti-aircraft guns and missiles, along with advanced electronic jammers.

President Trump addressed the conflict, highlighting the increasing hostility of Iran towards ships in international waters. According to Trump, this has not been the first provocation by Iran. In fact, this event occurred just one month after Iran shot down a United States surveillance drone. Iran claimed that the United States drone, the U.S. Global Hawk, was operating over an Iranian airspace. However, it nearly caused President Trump to order a retaliatory attack, which further illustrates the hostility and volatility on Iran’s part.

The United States is standing its ground at the moment, but it raises concerns with regard to Iran if the hostile behavior pattern persists.