Navy Developing Point Loma Base for Transportation

The Navy recently entered a contract which articulates a mutual interest in using the SPAWAR site for a transit center, which would provide transportation to the airport and serve as a connection point for all rail transit. The location would be at the 70-acre Navy base that is adjacent to the Interstate 5 and the northern edge of the Point Loma peninsula.

The base now houses the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command and Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific divisions. Currently, the World War II hangers have a variety of uses, ranging from administrative needs to storage. The Navy wants to renovate the base and is willing to give a long-term ground lease if they can obtain new facilities for its employees. Furthermore, the Navy envisions the space being used for office space along with potential retail opportunities and/or housing towers. 

The contract allows the Navy to inquire about the inclusion of the transit center within redevelopment plans and allows them to collaborate on data and information with regard to environmental issues. Currently, the Navy has already begun its environmental requirements for the site under the National Environmental Policy Act. Even though it will likely take 18 to 36 months to finish, the process is critical for deciding what is allowed to be built on the site.

The biggest goal of the project is providing transportation to the San Diego International airport. The development of transportation would create more jobs and offer a more convenient way for people across San Diego to reach the airport.

Although there is disagreement about completion time for the project, there is a generally positive consensus about the project itself and the benefits it will bring. Moreover, there is already tentative funding promised for the multi-billion dollar venture, indicating that people are already supportive.


Photo by Marion Doss