Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher Falls Victim to Fake News

The left was more than willing to convict Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher for the alleged murder of a young ISIS member. Once again, the left assumed the principle of guilty until proven innocent. Despite the assumptions and allegations against Gallagher, the jury acquitted him of six of the seven charges. The San Diego jury, which consisted of five Marines and two Navy men, did not find Gallagher guilty of murder. The sole charge Gallagher faces is posing with a teen’s dead body in a photograph.

Throughout the process, President Trump and Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) have come to the aid of Gallagher in ensuring his right to a fair trial. The media has been quick to strip Gallagher of his Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights.

Gallagher, since the final hearing, has been demoted from an E-6 to a first ranking petty officer. Throughout the trial process, Gallagher had already served his fourth month in jail. Had he been wrongly convicted, Gallagher could have faced up to life in prison.

Fellow Navy SEALs under the command of Gallagher had exacerbated the situation in an attempt to retaliate against his harsh commands. The man guilty of murdering the young ISIS member was First Class Petty Officer Corey Scott. In his shocking testimony, he admitted to suffocating the teen to prevent a harsher death from Iraqis.

The double standard that is presented by the media should be disturbing to many voters. When those on the left are convicted, the media is quick to cover up and preserve their innocence. The same type of false reporting that the Trump administration, along with many others on the right have faced has been passed onto Gallagher throughout the trial.

The left and their allies in the media should be ashamed of themselves for their slanderous coverage of Gallagher’s trial. One’s presumed innocence until proven guilty should be the standard for all trials, not just those who happen to fall on one side of the political spectrum.


Photo by Official U.S. Navy Page via Flickr