San Diego Gains New News Outlet

On July 19th, the latest news source in San Diego officially launched: San Diego News Desk. The site will feature local news and events happening around San Diego County, while also covering state and national issues that impact San Diego. The subjects covered by San Diego News Desk include politics, economy, education, and military, with opinion pieces and press releases also being published.

As a project of the Republican Party of San Diego County, San Diego News Desk seeks to fill the void left by other news outlets throughout the county. There appears to be a clear and consistent left wing bias in not only the news that is selected to be covered, but also how that news is portrayed. While this phenomenon is certainly not exclusive to San Diego, it does indicate a need for the public to also receive news from a right-of-center perspective.

While San Diego News Desk may publish potentially left-leaning articles, the publication is rooted in the core values of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and American exceptionalism. The values that make America the greatest country in the world—and San Diego her finest city.

There is always a lot going on in San Diego County, with a diverse community of over three million people. San Diego News Desk strives to cover not just the most salient issues, but also the lesser-known stories that San Diegans need to hear.

Members of the community who wish to submit news tips, feedback, and submissions for consideration may do so at sandiegonewsdesk@gmail.com.