Twenty Years Later, Midway Park is Still not Built

After two decades, the USS Midway park has yet to be built. Despite the promise of a park being the only reason the Midway is at the pier, nothing has been built. Plans are still years off and now the port is in the midst of legal trouble.

Now, the Midway is potentially in violation of the Coastal Act for continuing to allow parking despite the promise of the park. California Coastal Commission Enforcement Division officials are currently pursuing the matter while port officials say that they remain committed to creating a park on the end of the pier.

Two years ago, the Commission granted a reprieve on the parking space so long as they put a viewing deck and a pedestrian walkway, but these changes have yet to materialize. This expired in May and caused the current violation.

As of yet, no resolution has been drafted and the Coastal Commission is not saying whether or not enforcement action will occur. 

In response, the port proposed a temporary solution to the problem by allowing at least one acre of open space for the public. Members of the Coastal Commission are not satisfied with the proposal, saying that it was “not adequate.”

“Coastal Commission staff have consistently directed the Port and Midway representatives to remedy this violation and we do not support any language in the draft (port master plan update) that would further delay the public park improvements,” the Commission went on to explain.

While there is currently no clear answer to the problems facing the Midway park project, officials at the port say that they are committed to finding a solution that will appeal to both sides.


Photo by Josh Esh