Brian Maryott Invites Mike Levin to Debate

Maryott proposes community debate series to take place in fall 2019

CARLSBAD, Calif. – On Monday, Republican congressional candidate Brian Maryott sent Representative Mike Levin an invitation to begin debates in district.

The full letter can be read below:

Dear Rep. Levin,

We both take seriously our commitments to engaging in regular conversations with constituents. As mayor of San Juan Capistrano and as the Republican congressional candidate for district 49, I meet with our neighbors on a daily basis and listen to their stories of struggles and triumphs. By establishing regular, open lines of communications between ourselves and our constituents, we can always be certain that their voices are heard and represented.

As elected officials, it is our additional responsibility to keep people informed of our own values, positions on issues, accomplishments, and decisions. For centuries, candidates for office have met publicly to fulfill that honorable duty.

The best solutions brought forth by government have started in public halls of discussion where competing parties engage in vigorous – but respectful -debate.

Our congressional campaigns offer differing ideas for the future of our district and voters deserve the opportunity to learn about them. We owe it to the residents of the 49th congressional district to begin holding debates this fall. I proudly reaffirm my commitment to never stop learning from the people of our district and discussing with them the best solutions to improve our communities.

To ensure that residents throughout our district have the opportunity to attend at least one of our conversations, I propose holding the debates in four different areas in our district: northern (Southern Orange County area), coastal (Carlsbad/Oceanside area), inland (Vista area), and southern (Solana Beach/Del Mar area). I hope you’ll accept my invitation to start open and honest discussions on our solutions for America.

Will you join me, Rep. Levin?


Brian Maryott
Mayor, San Juan Capistrano