Environmental and Traffic Report for SDSU Mission Valley

San Diego State’s Mission Valley campus environmental impact report reveals major increases in traffic on San Diego freeways, intersections, and roads. By 2037, the campus projects over 45,ooo more car trips on weekdays and nearly 20,000 more vehicle trips may be added when the university’s 35,000-seat stadium reaches capacity for events. 

SDSU plans to purchase 132 acres of land from the city of San Diego for the new campus. The environmental impact report, which is required by law, has been made available for public review for 60 days, ending October 3. Additionally, the university must respond to all written comments submitted during the 60-day review period. 

Before construction can commence, the California State University Board of Trustees must approve the environmental statement. If approved, the university must make improvements to busy intersections in the area that will be affected by the increase in traffic. 

Alternative transportation is also in the plans and would likely result in 14 percent fewer car trips per day, on average. 

On September 12, SDSU will host its first of three public forums regarding the environmental impact report. It will take place at noon at its alumni building.


Photo by Alexander Popov