Report from the Republican Women of California

Written by Waskah Whelan

The Republican Women of California – San Diego County held a special meeting on August 12 to launch the 2020 election season officially.

The field director for the Republican Party of San Diego County gave a special training session on the use of the i360 program. i360 is a data-based technology program to help us re-engage our volunteers, reach more of our voters, and get them to the polls.

Approximately 100 women were in attendance to learn new ways to reach out to Republican and Decline-to-State voters.  

The centerpiece of the day’s program was the appearance of 18 Republican candidates speaking in the Candidate Express!

Candidates were running to fill seats for US House of Representatives, CA State Assembly, City Council Representatives, County Board of Supervisors and other offices.  

Candidates spoke on issues of interest to Republican and conservative voters:  

  • Attack on Prop 13 leaving property owners without any  protection from the State 
  • SANDAG’s “appropriation” of our highway tax money to substitute unwanted  bike lanes for much-needed driving lanes on city & county streets
  • Rationing of medical care in California. Giving away medical programs for seniors and veterans to non-citizens


Photo by Republican Women of California