San Diego Democrats Call on the Navy to Manage Pollution Problems at Border

San Diegans are constantly being reminded of the dangerous pollution levels near our border. With the south end of Imperial Beach being closed since 2019 and the incessant outflow of millions of gallons of sewage into our ocean, talk about fixing the problem has been brought to the forefront. 

One plan involves Supervisor Greg Cox and the Democratic Congressmen of San Diego—Mike Levin, Scott Peters, Juan Vargas, and Susan Davis—to ask the federal government for $2 billion in additional funding. Perhaps the most outspoken supporter has been Representative Susan Davis, with her push for the Navy to address the pollution problem.

Interestingly, the Navy has also been rather vocal about the issue. When confronted by Davis in last year’s National Defense Authorization Act, the Navy reported only minor issues with their planning.

Davis’ hope was for their full support to help pass the bill in the Republican-controlled Senate. She followed by pushing the Navy to “take a leading role in the mitigation” of pollution and considered their supposed lack of urgency to be disappointing. 

Democrats are still attempting to attack the issue from different angles. Congresswoman Davis and Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina have been working with Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to have Mexico help finance the effort to mitigate the sewage issue.

After neglecting the issue for years, Democrats are apparently blaming the Navy in hopes of covering up their own malfeasance. It seems like even the Navy refuses to play politics with the rest of the politicians but the issue has definitely gained more attention since they got involved. 


Photo By U.S. Customs and Border Protection via Flickr