SB 104 Shows that Democrats Prioritize Illegal Immigrants over Americans

There is no question that healthcare is one of the most controversial and heavily debated topics as the 2020 election quickly approaches. Should spending be cut or increased? Should Medicare be expanded? And more recently, should taxpayer-funded healthcare coverage include undocumented immigrants?

With these questions and more regarding healthcare circling in the political realm, the undocumented immigrant topic seems to be salient. This is largely due to the changes that would need to be made to include them and the implications that such inclusion would have.

Specifically, in California, what would the recently passed SB 104 encompass with the inclusion of young adult undocumented immigrants? In the first year alone, the addition would cost $98 million dollars. The cost would be covered by a statewide version of the individual mandate that was introduced by Obamacare.

The individual mandate requires people to buy health insurance, or they are forced to pay a fine. If someone does not want health insurance, they are still forced to subsidize someone else’s insurance. In this case, it would be the health insurance of illegal immigrants.

However, Democrats would never phrase it this way and refuse to acknowledge the obvious truth that Californians will now be forced to pay for the healthcare of illegal aliens up to the age of 25. Hence the pushback from Republicans against SB 104, which was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom just last month.

The bill will take money from hardworking Californians and grant it to people who entered the country illegally. Furthermore, it lacks any financial sense, as the cost for this new healthcare plan will only rise with the increase of undocumented immigrants entering the country—an issue that has only been exacerbated by the de facto open border position of Democrats.

In turn, SB 104 will only further increase costs for California residents. Of course, Democrats would never even dream of discussing this reality because doing so would be political suicide. They are so focused on tangential matters instead of dealing with the real root of problem: border security.

Moreover, the approval of the bill holds significant implications with regard to border security. By extending healthcare to illegal immigrants, it incentivizes continued illegal immigration. It completely undermines American law as well as the admirable diligence of legal immigrants.

The approval of this bill transcends the issue of healthcare; it involves America’s credibility and reputation. In this specific case, it displays that California has no accountability and lacks both financial and political responsibility. Governor Newsom and his Democratic allies are encouraging the extortion of money from American citizens and using it to pay for people who entered our country illegally.

The passage of the bill illustrates the priorities of Democrats; it is clear that they are uninterested in advocating for Californians. Democrats have seemingly fought harder for the rights and benefits of illegal immigrants than American citizens. The coerced subsidization of healthcare for illegal immigrants in California is wrong—legally, economically, and politically.


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