The Water is Rising

Once again, the Democrats are raising the water rates for the city of San Diego. As an effort to help pay for water reliability and infrastructure improvements, the water rates are going up by 4.82%-all beginning on September 1st. The San Diego County Water Authority already increased water rates by 1.46%-making the water rates increase by a total of 6%. The 6% is still less than the 7% the City Council approved for the 2020 fiscal year.

The rise in water rates is just another effort from the Democrats to take more money from San Diego citizens. The percent change in water rates only makes living in California severely less affordable. The Democrats are once again using an increase in rates to create more problems and take more hard-earned money.

Due to the increase of rates, single-family homes who use 9,000 gallons of water per month, will see an additional five to six dollars on their water bill or about eleven dollars for their bi-monthly water bill. Of course, there will be variance in individual or other related expenses. To ensure accuracy, the city aims to have a cost of service study performed every five years. For example, a study conducted in 2015 dealt with water quality testing, maintenance of water pipes, and costs relating to other water agencies. The increases will gradually occur all the way through June 30th, 2020.

This is just another tax on the middle-class families here in San Diego. With 51% of San Diegan voters, voting no on the tax to improve our infrastructure the San Diego Democrats have ignored this plea and continued to choose politics over the people and raised the cost of living in San Diego.


Photo by Cristian Palmer