Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez and Supervisor Nathan Fletcher Can’t Get the Job Done Legally

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez and her spouse, San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, along with a dozen others were arrested in Los Angles County on Labor Day. The two were in attendance at a Kaiser protest where they stood at an intersection near the Kaiser’s Los Angeles Medical Center.

Gonzalez and Fletcher are both elected officials from San Diego, with Fletcher having absolutely zero oversight in Los Angeles as a San Diego Supervisor.

The two have shown their inability to follow laws when they want to do something, but act shocked when their constituents do the same. The couple has confirmed their uppity attitude toward the law and their belief that while they are in office, they can choose to pursue their agenda at the expense of their constituents. When it doesn’t work, they are willing to break the law to get things done.

Gonzalez and Fletcher both broke the law on Monday, and when the police did not release the records, their offices went out of their way to promote their media stunt.

Lorena Gonzalez has previously laughed in citizens’ faces for their protesting of a law that she helped write. She lambasted their complaints, but when it’s a policy she has no control over, she recklessly protests to the point of getting arrested. It’s an utter embarrassment that these two conduct themselves in this manner as elected representatives from America’s Finest City.

San Diego deserves politicians who follow the law and behave to the standard that they demand of others. Gonzalez and Fletcher have shown themselves to be complete hypocrites by breaking the law to get what they want, picking and choosing the rules they want to follow. If they can’t follow the laws, they should resign from making them.


Photo by Fronteras Desk via Flickr