Border Wall Funding Won’t Affect Funding of San Diego Military Projects

Perhaps the most memorable promise made by President Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign was his intent to build a border wall separating the United States and Mexico—with Mexico funding the entire project. Three years later, he is orchestrating the building of the wall, while not funded by Mexico, with a $3.6 billion budget.

On Wednesday, the Defense Department announced that a number of military projects would be postponed in order to provide funding for the wall. Despite the rumors, however, no San Diego military projects were included on the list of postponements.

Most of the projects were chosen from ones not planned to commence until 2020 or later. Funding for the postponed projects will be proposed in the following fiscal year budget. Furthermore, the funds allocated for overseas projects will be spent first, rather than funds for domestic projects.

This did not stop local Democrats from throwing a fit with regard to the new border wall funding. Referring back to when President Trump declared the border crisis a national emergency, multiple Congressmen called the reallocation of funds disrespectful and saw it as a move to undermine the procedures of Congress. Moreover, they maligned Trump’s motives as strictly political and irresponsible.

However, it is highly hypocritical since the Democrat-majority Congress has rejected Trump’s proposals based on their own political agenda. In addition, despite the Supreme Court ruling allowing the wall funding, the American Civil Liberties Union intends on appealing the legality of Trump’s action. Clearly, Democrats are incapable of handling anything that furthers President Trump’s agenda and will do anything to stop him—even at the cost of Americans.

In the end, San Diego military projects will go unaffected by the new wall funding. Instead, with the $3.6 billion, new fencing will be placed east of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry and the Tecate Port of Entry.


Photo By U.S. Customs and Border Protection via Flickr