California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara Caught Red-Handed

Written by Amanda Williams

California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara has now apologized for accepting $83,000 in donations from people involved with businesses that he manages. He willfully broke his own campaign promises, but is only apologizing because he got caught.

In an attempt to convey remorse and regret, Lara acknowledges his mistakes regarding the accepted donations. However, the effort is completely futile given the fact he was his own campaign treasurer. The response is no way garners sympathy, but only makes him look completely unqualified and incompetent as California Insurance Commissioner. 

Furthermore, Lara has still not revealed records of all his meetings, which only highlights how he is seeking to avoid the consequences of his own corruption.

However, his utter lack of qualifications for the Insurance Commissioner position dates back to 2018. As a state senator for the Bell Gardens area, Lara excelled in his position in the eyes of many.

Yet, when he announced his desire to be Insurance Commissioner, there were some significant concerns about his aptness for the job based on an article he wrote for the San Diego Union-Tribune. The piece composed of insurance policies for housing within wildfire zones. Essentially, Lara advocated for homeowners in safe areas to fund houses in high-risk areas—an incredibly problematic suggestion for the eventual California Insurance Commissioner.

The refusal to be transparent and accountable for his campaign actions indicates how unfit Ricardo Lara is for the position he holds. If anything, it showcases his corruption and interest in furthering his own political agenda and personal finances instead of serving the state of California.


Photo via Flickr