Captain Mike Oestereicher Named Commanding Officer for Local Navy Facility

On August 30, the U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest appointed their new commanding officer, Capt. Mike Oestereicher. He will be taking over for former Capt. Mike Edelson, who was in command for two years—the same amount of time that Oestereicher is set to take command for.

The changing ceremony was held at the USS Midway, a perfect location for the occasion. Capt. Oestereicher is a submarine combat warfare officer and nuclear engineer. He is also the recipient of multiple awards, such as the Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation, and the Navy Achievement Medal.

Oestereicher exclaimed his gratitude by stating, “Team NAVFAC Southwest, I cannot express how excited I am to be able to come ‘home’ and to continue to work with you to overcome, both the known challenges and the curve balls that will undoubtedly be thrown our way over the next two years.”

Former Capt. Mike Edelson remarked on his experience in command, saying that “it has been a true pleasure to serve with the professionals of NAVFAC Southwest and those on the N4 staff at the Navy Region, certainly the highlight of my career.”


Photo by Robert Sullivan via Flickr