Celebrating the USS Midway with Discounted Admission

Written by Karrie Kirschenmann

On Tuesday, the USS Midway Museum announced that it will be rolling back its admission prices to the 2004 levels for the month of September. They are celebrating the Midway Museum’s 15 year anniversary and taking this opportunity to share the celebration with the rest of San Diego. 

The USS Midway served longer than any other aircraft carrier in the 20th century. It became famous after the Battle of Midway, which halted Japanese invasion in the Pacific.

The Midway also played several vital roles in the Cold War; in fact, it was the only aircraft carrier to serve throughout the entire Cold War and beyond. The Midway served for nearly 50 years in various other conflicts, including the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, World War II, and throughout the Cold War.

The USS Midway is an inspiring piece of American history and those at the museum hope to share the backstory of the wondrous aircraft carrier with as many San Diegans as possible.

This month, ticket prices for adults and seniors are $13, while the youth and student price is $6. Anyone who hopes to use the 2004-era discount must show proof of San Diego residency with a personal identification card at the entrance. Discounted tickets can also be purchased online and will be accepted until December 31, 2019. 

From students taking a field trip to learn about World War II history to grandparents showing their grandchildren the aircraft carrier they served on in Desert Storm, the USS Midway is inspiring for every American—but San Diegans especially. This September, with the 2004-era discount, San Diegans get to celebrate the museum’s 15-year anniversary and the astonishing life story the Midway has to share.


Photo by Josh Esh