Cohen Veterans Network Opens Newest Mental Health Clinic for Veterans

The veterans who don’t return home are not the only victims of war. For those who do come home, many suffer from severe mental health-related illnesses, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

To return the favor, many mental health clinics have been opened, dedicating their services to our heroic veterans. One notable foundation is the nonprofit Cohen Veterans Network for their extensive and dedicated care since 2015, with 13 clinics nationwide.

In an extension of their services, the Cohen Veterans Network will open their 14th clinic, The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Veterans Village of San Diego, on September 5 in Mission Valley, featuring new and improved treatments.

To the veterans who suffer from agoraphobia or do not wish to drive to the clinic, the new facility at Mission Valley offers telehealth, which is live video therapy similar to the concept of video messaging. Also, according to the Cohen Veterans Network’s website, the new clinic will also treat other mental health-related issues by using evidence-based practices. 

Since all clinics apart of the Cohen Veterans Network are nonprofit, the new health center will be no different. They will accept insurance from those who have it, but ultimately will help any military veteran (regardless of their status or background) and their families for little to no cost. 

Veterans sacrifice their lives for our nation, making it morally imperative that we take care of them when they return home. As grateful citizens, it is our duty to return the favor by helping those who are in need, especially those who were willing to lay down their lives for our well-being.


Photo by Robina Weermeijer