Dictator Kamala Harris Strikes Again in Democratic Debate

Written by Amanda Williams

At the most recent Democratic debate, nine candidates were vying for the Democratic presidential nomination, while one particular candidate was looking to fulfill the nonexistent position of tyrant.

Which candidate is looking to undermine and dispose of all the ideals that America was founded upon? It would be none other than Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA). Moreover, after her behavior in the most recent debate, it is blatantly obvious she still intends to employ a dictatorship instead of a presidency—should she somehow win the presidential election.

Harris started her political career as the District Attorney of San Francisco in 2004. Since then, she rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the Attorney General of California in 2011. Her most recent endeavor—becoming a U.S. Senator representing California—has really allowed her tyrant motives to shine. As an open far-left progressive, Harris’ platform comprises of pandering to minority groups by claiming she will do everything she can to fight for their rights, even if that means a futile attempt to eviscerate the Constitution.

Her despotic motives, however, were heavily showcased during the most recent Democratic debates. In the portion of the debate regarding gun control, Harris articulated her position. She is in full support of policies that would completely ban “assault weapons” and eventually all semi-automatic firearms. Moreover, she has given her approval of failed Senate candidate and currently flailing presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s absurd gun confiscation plan.

However, the most stunning display of behavior by Harris that encompassed her tyrannical motives was her reaction to fellow candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden’s comments. Harris’ plan to enact her ridiculous policies is through the use of executive orders. Yet, her grand scheme is completely unconstitutional, which Biden clearly pointed out to her. Her reaction? A full-on cackle, which can be seen here:

The policy platform that Harris has employed throughout her campaign is thoroughly unconstitutional. Furthermore, the behavior she has consistently displayed, especially her cackle on national television, only highlights how unqualified she is for the presidency. It is evident that Harris is insanely power-hungry and will stop at absolutely nothing to obtain limitless power.

Finally, according to the most recent polls, Harris is ranked behind Joe Biden, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Bernie Sanders. So for now, the concept of democracy in the United States seems to be safe from Dictator Kamala Harris.


Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr