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Help and Relief are Not on the Way

Save the date! On Friday the 6th of September the SANDAG Board of Directors will vote on how to spend the next seven years’ worth of TransNet Major Corridors dollars. Did you think this meeting was taking place on Friday the 13th? So did we. Due to a “quorum issue,” SANDAG decided to move this important opportunity for engagement UP a week. Maybe they are superstitious or maybe SANDAG realized how many concerned citizens were planning to attend on the 13th and changed the date?

I have seen the draft plan that is going to be presented and it does not reflect our vote to prioritize TransNet highway projects like the 67, the 78 and the 52. This meeting is an important opportunity to hold SANDAG accountable and tell them they need to follow through on their promise to fix our highways. We must ensure these remaining funds are used for priority projects.

SANDAG Board deliberating on how to spend future transportation funds –

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar joined KUSI to give us the latest update on the proposed SANDAG plan. Categories: Good Morning San Diego

Passionate about the issue but not sure you can make it to the meeting? I invite you to share your thoughts at