San Diego Padres have the Best Announcers in Baseball

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

It’s official, the Padres have the best announcers in baseball. According to an annual ranking by the website Awful Announcing, the team of Mark Sweeney, Don Orsillo, and Mark Grant is the best the sport has to offer in commentary.

The managing editor of Awful Announcing, Joe Lucia, said about the ranking, “The San Diego Padres have crept up the rankings every year we’ve done them, and despite their overall grade slipping this year, they did just enough to get over the line and finish in first. The Padres had the lowest share of F votes of any team (7.48%) and the second-lowest share of D votes (4.16%). Over 88% of their votes were an A, B, or C.”

The site says it had more than 60,000 votes, which was a 20 percent increase from last year. They also noted that each team received a minimum of 1,300 votes.

For the Padres, the last three years have shown improvement, ultimately leading up to the top spot this season. In 2016, the team took fifth place and each subsequent year, they improved by one spot until this year, when they shot straight to first.

Even though it’s just commentary and not the actual team itself, it’s good for San Diego to finally be the best at something in sports; It’s certainly been a while.


Photo by Derek Story