San Diego Humane Society Opens New Behavioral Center

After much anticipation, the San Diego Humane Society opened a new health facility on September 4 with the purpose of helping animals with behavioral challenges. This center is located on the San Diego campus, where potential nuisances can be eliminated for the convenience of the animals. 

Disturbances such as noise are removed for animals dealing with anxiety or fear, so that they can be in a calmer environment while preparing for adoption. The center is also the only facility in the San Diego area that supports this kind of complete animal rehabilitation.

The center’s director, Amanda Kowalski, was very excited for the opening of the location and commented, “This is such a wonderful day for us … It’s been a few years of really thoughtful planning and design to create a facility that really makes an environment where our animals can learn and overcome fears and phobias and we can get them ready for adoption to find new homes.”

During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the center received a proclamation from the City of San Diego that declared September 4 as San Diego’s Pet Behavior Wellness Day. 

The CEO and President of the San Diego Humane Society, Gary Weitzman, stated to the Times of San Diego that he will not take for granted the great opportunities the organization has with this center and its ability to care for animals. 

By removing the fear from the animals dealing with anxiety and other behavioral issues, the pets will be able to get easier access to the care they need for adoption.


Photo by Vijeshwar Datt